Why I Abandoned This WordPress Blog

The Girl With the Pink Lipstick has been a great outlet for me. Initially, this blog was going to be where I blogged about my budding relationship with Christ and my big break into womanhood. I started this blog with an underlying passion and sooner than I hoped my flame flickered out.

The assumptions of others eventually dictated the content that I put out. They assumed that I would be a beauty blogger since my blog was entitled, “The Girl With the Pink Lipstick.” I considered the assumptions and began posting organic beauty blogs — I mean I was a natural at the time. For most naturals it’s all organic or nothing, lol.

This became a job, though. Organic beauty tips take so much time and research. You have to know products, what’s in it, the benefits of it, etc. It became too much for me and it was extremely frustrating.

My “Soul Food” posts became centered on me. The “For Colored Girls” series was a series close to my heart, but it was forced. I didn’t create The Girl With the Pink Lipstick to glorify make-up, my natural hair, or how black I am.

I created this blog in an attempt to glorify God, but somehow I let others develop the focus of my blog for me. Crazy, right? I’m not saying this doesn’t mean anything to me anymore, because it does. It’s a part of who I used to be.

I was just a random girl that always wore pink lipstick. I was the named unnamed. How does that define me? It doesn’t. This blog was never going to be a success because I wasn’t being true to myself. The title didn’t reflect me or my Saving Grace. It was just a catchy title with cute posts.

Who cares about beauty tips if you don’t feel beautiful on the inside? Who cares about the “oppression” of the black community if we’re not even trying to alleviate the painful stereotypes? This is all earthly and once the earth passes away… Who is going to care?

I still love lipstick and I’ve developed a passion for shoes and fashion. But my unwavering devotion goes to God y’all. I can only be saved by Christ. I cannot be saved my the number of lipstick tubes and shoes I have.

Finally, I’ve submitted to the Will of God. Ministry is what I’m here to do through my love for Christ. The title of my new blog is, “Heels Lipstick Jesus.” Jesus defines you so that you will know your place in the world as a woman who wants to know God.

I’m no longer a random girl with pink lipstick on. I’m so much more than that. I am one of Christ’s vessels to minister to young women. If you want to you can join me at HeelsLipstickJesus.blogspot.com!

Pursue God y’all (Isaiah 55:6). Only what you do for Him will last.